Who Am I?


My name is Julia Marie Fusilier and I am 21 years old. I was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in Cedar Park, Texas—an Austin suburb.

Living healthily has been a major focal point of my life since a very young age. I am a firm believer that being healthy lays the foundation for success in all other aspects of life. I focus on putting my energy into things that will only help me evolve and let go of anything that holds me back - something I yet to master and probably never will. At least I’m trying, right?

I am currently attending Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. I am majoring in Health and Wellness Promotion and minoring in Health Communications. I am also a member of Blog Club at Texas State. I love this University and the positivity it radiates.

I am constantly working towards being more in touch with my spirituality. I am a Christ follower and love spending time working on spiritual growth and being more in tune with myself and my Higher Power. With that being said, I love you and accept you no matter who you are or what you believe. My goal is to build a community that loves and accepts all. ❤︎

I’m real and honest and have a witty sense of humor. If you can’t take a joke we probably won’t get along. Time to lighten up ladies and gents!!!

Some of my favorites are: journaling, music, podcasts, fashion, reading, all things purple, a good glass of wine, cooking/baking, Topo Chico, and my dogs. ☺

xoxo, Julia