The Truth About Vitamins That No One Is Telling You

Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. This post is based simply on my own research, knowledge I have acquired from studying health in undergrad, and information I have been taught by health professionals.

Hey again,

Let’s talk vitamins. I’m sure we have all taken a vitamin at some point in our life. Remember the flint stone vitamins your mom would make you take every morning? You, the chewy ones that were different colors? I loved those things, I would’ve eaten those like candy if they weren’t you know, bad for you in large quantities. Such a bummer!!

Vitamins are an essential nutrient for your body and something to be conscious of when it comes to your health. But, to be honest, you probably don’t need to be taking supplements. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, well, if they’re good for me, then why wouldn’t I, right? Well, not exactly. Vitamin supplements have become a popular health trend (at least more popular than in the past) over the last few years from social media and other platforms that people are turning to for health information, such as blogs and podcasts. Hence why you’re here. BUT, I’m taking a different approach to this subject and looking at it from a more scientific perspective. Let me break down the vitamin situation for you.

There are fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and water-soluble vitamins (B, C). Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed by fat and distributed to the body through your bloodstream. Any excess of fat-soluble vitamins are stored in your liver and fatty tissue for future use. Therefore, too much excess of these fat-soluble vitamins can be toxic to the body. Before I bore you too much, let me explain why this is relevant. The average person gets all of the vitamins they need through a balanced diet. Which is the subtle way of saying vitamins supplements are a waste of money and unnecessary unless you have a legitimate vitamin deficiency and have been instructed to take a vitamin supplement(s) by your doctor. I personally have a deficiency in iron and vitamin D so I take daily supplements for those. But those expensive multi-vitamins that you’re seeing ads for on Instagram? Probably not doing anything for you, and if you do think you feel a difference, you either do have some sort of deficiency or it’s simply the placebo effect. Sorry, just keeping it real.

Now stay with me, you need to know this next part. Water-soluble vitamins (B, C) are the vitamins that are immediately used in the body, meaning the excess is excreted by the body (you know, when you take care of business). As much as I wish it weren’t true, those vitamins C drinks and packets we all start chugging when we feel a cold coming on don’t actually do anything to prevent it. Your body can’t store the excess to help fight the virus. I know right? Devastating.

So, there’s the truth. I thought I should spread the word for those who haven’t heard already.

I’ve been gone for awhile but now I am back and ready to start getting into the groove of things once again!

For more info about vitamins, click here.

Talk to you soon,

xoxo, Julia ❤︎

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