5 Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Hello, darlings! I love beauty hacks and tips. LOVE them. I’m sure you can relate. Any sort of Youtube video, blog post, Instagram story, pretty much anything that claims to give beauty hacks or tips have me reading or watching immediately. I mean, who doesn’t want to learn some new beauty secrets to throw into their routine?

Now, stay with me here. I’m not about to tell you to go order some expensive hair repair mask that doesn’t work, or go on and on about this unrealistic 14 day cleanse that’s supposed to make you lose 10 pounds. We do not have the time or money for that. These hacks are cheap and simple tips (that work), that I use in my everyday routine and think everyone needs to know. Sharing is caring, am I right?

1. Mix fragrance free moisturizer with coconut oil for your body lotion

I’m not trying to burst your bubble, but if you’re still using matching scented lotion and body wash from Bath and Body Works, stop. You need to break up with them. There are toxic ingredients in their products and most of them are fragrance chemicals. This is why I LOVE mixing Cera Ve moisturizer and coconut oil together for my body lotion. Cera Ve moisturizer is fragrance free and gentle on sensitive skin. Coconut oil is, well, coconut oil. Need I say more? It smells amazing and it’s all around great for everything. I am obsessed with it. Using this combo post-shave makes my legs feeling like a babies bottom. You can also use this combo for your face. I use the Cera Ve moisturizer by itself because my face doesn’t get super dry, but if you suffer from dry skin the coconut oil gives your face some extra hydration. Break up with toxic scented products and start dating this fab duo. It’s love at first touch!

DISCLAIMER: everyone’s skin is different so putting coconut oil on your face may cause breakouts.

2. Wash your hair as little as possible!!

I know you’re probably thinking the “stop washing your hair” movement that beauty “experts” are promoting is yesterday’s news, but hear me out. I have oily hair; always have, always will. I used to wash my hair everyday despite knowing that it actually MAKES YOUR HAIR MORE OILY. I’m stubborn like that. Anyway…this hack is for all you babes who have heard people say this 100 times and it still hasn’t clicked. Just hear me out….

It’s a process. You have to train your hair. Hats, ponytails and dry shampoo will become your best friends. Start by cutting down to every other day. On day two rock a ponytail. Then go down to every third day. By day three I’d suggest wearing a cute hat or using some dry shampoo. After training my hair for about a month, I was able to go for three days with no problem. Now I wash my hair about every 5 days, maybe a week if I want to push it. Trust me, you’ll notice a difference in your hair. You also won’t be using shampoo and conditioner as often, so if your products are more high end you’ll save money. It’s a win-win.

3. Put Aquaphor on your lips before bed.

I cannot recommend this hack enough. It’s a game changer; I’m annoyed that I didn’t learn about this sooner. Aquaphor is such an amazing moisturizer that repairs your lips rather than temporarily fixing the problem like a lot of lip balms. Putting in on before bed allows your lips to heal overnight and gives back the moisture you lost throughout the day. There are so many reasons your lips get dry and flaky: lipstick, not drinking enough water, wind, you get my point. We all know the struggle. This cheap and easy tip is a must for your nighttime routine if you want to rid yourself of the shriveled grape looking lips syndrome (not a real syndrome obviously, just made that up). No more cracked lipstick looks for us!

4. Mario Badescu facial spray.

Y’all. This stuff has changed.my.life. I know that sounds extremely dramatic (because it is) but seriously, I am obsessed with this facial spray and can’t imagine not having it. I mist it on my face after washing, before and after applying makeup, during the day when I want my face to feel refreshed, basically all the time. It has rose water, herbs and aloe, AKA the dream team for your skin. Plus it’s super cheap! You’ll be hooked after the first time you try it, trust me. You don’t want to go any longer without having this must-have product in your skin care routine.

5. Stop touching you face with your hands. Seriously, stop.

We are all guilty of this. I’ve been consciously making an effort recently to stop doing this and I still catch myself resting my face in my hands sometimes. It’s an instinct to want to mess with whatever pops up on our forehead and rub our face with our hands, or whatever other weird face touching habits we have. Don’t do it!!! We use our hands for everything. We touch a lot of things that we probably don’t realize have so many germs on them. We touch our phone and other objects and the germs from our hands get on those too. Our hands have more germs than a toilet seat. It’s gross. This is exactly why touching your face with dirty hands is the worst possible thing you could do for your skin, especially if you’re acne prone. Even if you’re not, still…ew. So, only touch your face with your hands if they’re clean and you’re applying skin care products. I personally wash my face with a washcloth so I don’t use my hands and I’ve noticed that it really does make a difference.

These beauty hacks are part of my every day routine and I stand by them. I am so excited that I shared them with y’all. You are going to love them and thank me later. Comment below and let me know if you try them or already do any of them in your current routine!

Talk soon darlings.

xoxo, Julia ❤︎

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